I am downsizing my household for retirement and thought perhaps someone may be interested in my Power Tower Pro that I rebuilt using these forums in 2001.
I have the original case, 15" monitor and mousepad! It still operates and I still use it occasionally. I also have an agfa scsi scanner that originaly retailed for $800 and came with a full version of photoshop 4.
I would include the original 200mhz processor.
As you can see, it has the ATR VR 128 video capture card also....so someone could use it for digitizing old camcorder videos.

Hate to let the old girl go, but I'm retiring to a motor home and there's just no room for her. I hadn't thought of a price at all, have no idea what something like this would be worth and am more interested in finding her a good home where she would be appreciated. If you want to know her history, just do a search of the forums under "Tekcan" and you'll find everything you need to know about her build. the only other person I know who has one of these beasts running is Kaye.
She's at system 8.6 and I would include all the legacy software of the time....Quark, Photoshop, Premiere, Director, Bryce, Poser...the list goes on and on, all of these softwares are no longer upgradeable and therefore considered "Legacy". If I err on this point, let me know, I would not unknowingly sell software that I shouldn't. All install disks would be included for EVERYTHING.
I'm traveling at this time, so i may not get back to check the forum often, but will try to stay in touch at least once a week.

Power Tower Pro 200 upgraded to XLR8 500/250/10X G3 processor (default settings).

Tsunami motherboard MOBO 05

320MB RAM interleaved 60NS. Fully tested.

Slot 1>Miles 2>15K Cheetah 18 gig
Slot 4>Miles 2>15K Cheetah 18 gig
Striped level 0 RAID
Slot 5>ATI VR 128 Video capture and monitor card
Slot 6>IMX Twin turbo 8 MB
OS 8.6

External Burly HD
two old Full hieght 9.1 gig Seagates
Striped level 0 RAID (used softraid)

Yamaha 16/10/40 CD Burner>narrow internal SCSI
Original TEAC CD 12 speed
Original 2.1 gig Seagate>narrow internal SCSI

(God help me, it's like selling one of my KIDS!)