hey macgurus

i have a powermac g5 1.8ghz from 2003.. that i occasionally liek to play with..
its alot faster after i put in a radeon 9800 graphics card!!

im looking for a card to take full advantage of an old ssd that i have that id like to use with my g5..

criteria im looking to fill:

pci-x (for max bandwidth)
sataII (for max bandwidth)
bootable in both 10.3.9, 10.4.11, & 10.5.8
if possible also compatible with powermac g3/g4 64bit slots

anyone know what id be looking for?

i saw this product but it doesnt say that its bootable and seems to need tiger or higher

i also saw that the owner of this site had reccommended the X4P by sonnet.. but these cards do not have any internal sata ports..

is there any card that fits all the criteria ive outlined + features internal + external ports?

this card would be perfect but apparently its only sataI spec (150mb/s)