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Thread: OSX 10.5.8 and Open Directory

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    Default OSX 10.5.8 and Open Directory

    Hello all!
    I am the IT Coordinator at a high school in Arizona. I have a Mac lab of 19 Mac's running OSX 10.5.8 and I am using Open Directory to lock down the computers. I have been able to lock down pretty much everything that the teacher has requested. The only thing that I can't get is the "Speech" feature in Textedit, the one where you type a word, highlight the word, right click, go to Speech and then Start Speaking. I have already disabled the voiceover feature within System Preferences>Universal Access and this doesn't affect the feature in Textedit. I have also attempted to edit the to disable the speech feature; however, I don't have enough knowledge on how to properly do this and I can't find anything on Google. So to reiterate, I am attempting to disable the "Speech" feature in Textedit using Open Directory.

    Thanks to everyone that responds and if I didn't put this in the proper section please move it. Thanks again!

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    AFAIK it is a system service started at boot of the OS. If you want to dissable the entire speech service you can use system starter or write a script which kills the service (PID) and have it running as a startup item. Or remove the service from the system permanently but I am not sure if this will work without issues.


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    Sounds right to me.

    I wonder if you could remove all the voices, or if there is a default that is buried somewhere to maintain functionality. ...Or even the entire Speech directory?

    Kind of hacky, but might worth a quick test.

    Look at: /System/Library/Speech

    Keep in mind that even if this did work with no complications, you would have to do this on each machine, likely after every OS update (or at least Combo update) more of a last ditch solution than a first. Removing chunks of the OS should not be your first option.
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