Hello all,
Been lurking here a bit, and I finally have a question i want answered.

I did a little forum and google searching for an answer, but no avail.

Basically, I am dual booting with OSX and windows, and I want my comp to show the EFI boot selection menu every time i boot. (this is the menu you get when you hold 'option' upon boot)

I have my default disk as OSX so I have to use the EFI menu to choose windows. I switch so frequently that I would like to just always be given the choice, every time.

I dont have bootcamp working right under windows, because I am using Win7 x64 on a macbook (not pro), so its option boot or nothing....

Will enabling EFI password pause at the right point so that I can type my PW and choose the disk? If this is the easiest way of doing it, thats fine, I just dont really want to enable EFI PW.