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Thread: power failures in Burly Boxes

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    Default power failures in Burly Boxes

    I have 2 burly boxes - both failed today within minutes of each other. They would both turn on, the lights go on, the drives begin to spin and then box # 1 (5-bay) stop working although the green light in box # 1 (5-bay) is still on, all the lights in box # 2 (4-bay) completely fade and it shuts down completely. I tried different power cables to each box, cables that are 100% working just to make sure. Same thing. I tried different plugs inlets - directly on the wall and via power/surge/battery back-up...results are the same. I hear a sound in both boxes, coming from the back that "sounds" like electricity jumping a chasm of some sort (sort of how a short-circuit would sound, and I understand there are many sounds possible). I have not had any power surges, at least in my presence and I am within 4 feet of each box when I am working on one desk and within a foot of each when working at this station. Both boxes are plugged into one Mac Pro via single eSata cables. I bought the card from you guys. The BIGGEST problem is that I was doing a back-up from one drive to another (in this case one was in one box and the other was in the other box) using SuperDuper as the software. I normally do the back-up with highlight, drag and drop to overwrite and never had a problem with any copies, back-ups or box issues. I would find it hard to believe this was caused by software but I am now in deep doo-doo!!!! One drive (source) had some files and the other (destination) had other files. Now the source is dead and the destination is only 1/2 copied. I have lost thousands of digital files -from the source and the back-up. I am more than pissed and have serious doubts I will recover any of the files from either drive.

    So, what's the issue with the burly boxes?? I still need to use them. I am now making direct copies within the MacPro from drive to drive, bypassing all connections in order to minimize any possibilities of additional links in the chain heading south on me.

    What do I do with these boxes now??


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    You surely have some scary stuff going on there. Rest a little easy though as a power outage or power supply failure should, if we are at all lucky, not damage the data on a drive. Of course any kind of power issue *can* damage or corrupt data.

    Take this one enclosure at a time. You have one that the lights stay on in the 5 bay? Just so you can observe what is happening, and be able to tell us what you see: a power supply puts out 5 volt on one leg and 12 volts on the other. If the lights stays on then 5 volt is working since the LEDs run off the 5 volt leg. If the fans are tuning then 12 volt is working.

    It is possible for a shorted drive to cause either a low volt problem in an enclosure or a power supply to shut off, since it has an overload circuit. So testing the enclosure with only one working drive, then adding another and another until you figure out what the behavior is can help determine if a drive is a possible issue.

    I only can find an order for a 5 bay for you from back in 2006, nothing on a 4 bay. Might be my records are missing something as I only have emails here at home and some of those are missing. I like to try and figure out details about when a box was made so I know how it was configured, what warranty status is, etc. I couldn't find a 4 bay in an order for you, so I don't know anything about that one.

    The 5 bay is long out of warranty, but you are REALLY close to our tech who builds these in Monument. We can always set you up with him to test things if you get in a pickle. Replacement power supply runs $58. Is easy to install.

    Let me know how to assist. Always happy to try.

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