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    A year or so ago I upgraded to the latest Intel machine (2.8 GHZ 2xQuad), bought my new 500G Seagate drives from MacGurus, set up my Root & Local drives as directed on the website (worked great with my old machine) and kept my data as an external eSata drive with a Seritek card using an OWC enclosure and one of your 1.5TB Seagate drives.

    I used the last two drive slot's in the machine to raid together two old drives as a scratch disk.

    I had trouble with iTunes hanging and crashing my system and no updates (Seritek, OWC, System) remedied it. I unhooked that external drive from the eSata card and hooked it to the Firewire 800 port on my Intel machine and that solved the crash part. Now it just hang's for 10 seconds or so and then iTunes resumes playing whatever I was listening to.

    A partial fix, but I'll take it.

    Any ideas? I could put my iTunes folder back on my Root disk. Now it is on my Local disk.

    Also, from the "About this Mac"---> PCI Cards info window, how do you identify the PCI Card that is in your machine without knowing the Vendor ID or shutting down your machine and opening the case?

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    DId you make a Symbolic Link to your new users folder on the startup system drive? This cures some iTunes issues

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