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Thread: How to stop an application from checking the currant time and date from the computer

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    Question How to stop an application from checking the currant time and date from the computer

    What I am trying to do is to disable an application from being able to
    check to real time and date from my macs true time and date. The
    software was released as a beta with a 20 day limit befire it would
    stop working. It was released as a beta on June 20th in 2008
    (06-20-2008) and the "trial" ended on July 8th 2008 (07-08-2008) a 20
    day window. Well I had an earlier version that I LOVED and worked
    great but when I upgraded from Jaguar to Tiger, it no longer would
    work. This new beta was the beginnings of a version that would work
    and all owners were to be given free upgrades. WELL, The company went
    into a tailspin of sorts and now it isn't being backed by the origibal software makers or any other party.
    A Beta of this software was released in june of 2008 and 20 days later the trial period ended. They give the serial # to activate it at there old website. I did have a working version of this program until I upgraded to TIGER OS 10.4.11.... This BETA version was the beginings of a fix so it would run on TIGER and on up but since they canceled the progect due to Leopard having a similar feature that is built into its operating system. The program is CodeTek's Virtual Desktop and OS 10.5's equivalent feature is called "SPACES". The messed up part is I legitamitly bought the program by codetek back when I had OS 10.3. My Hardware is a SAWTOOTH G4 and despite cpu upgrades and ATI RADEON upgrades, it doesn't run leopard worth a damn. I spoke with an apple rep and tech suppport and they told me that they DO NOT OFFER any support for macs made in 1999. They were suprised that TIGER even ran without any problems. My fix to make this beta work was to go into system prefs and change the time and date to a date before the beta expired. This actually worked great and the beta worked great but by cganging the date other programs had issues and were throwing erros. SO if I could use a hex editor to got into the package contents of the beeta of CODETEKD Virtual Desktop and simply put in a date manually so the program "believes" it is in a time several years before the expiration time then I would have many hungregs of days where it would run and by also restricting the programs ability to go and check the real date, I wouldn't have to mess with the real time and date so none of the other software would be effected. so HOW can I disable CODETEK virtual Desktop -vs- beta 4.0b1 from being able go and check the actual time and date and also enter into the code a date many years before it expires so it will run indefinitely. I don't feel this is illegal or wrong becausr I did PAY for the software and why should I get screwed just because CODETEK decided to terminate any further R&d on this beta software. I have seen software hacked into to find the serial number and to turn on and off certin things so can't this be altered in the way I speak of. This will give me the few years I need to save enought to buy a MAC PRO or used G5 with Leopard on it so I can use "SPACES" that is part of the OS 10.5's features. I will upgrade to a mac pro eventually. ALSO just for you info, after Leopard, all PPC spftware is being discontinued and ONLY INTEL macs will work. ALREADY, SNOW LEOPARD (OS 10.6) is this way an will not run on a PPC based MAC... what a trgic thing... I have been involved with APPLE and an avid fan since I got my 1st APPLE II in 1981. that was 28 years ago.... Hard to believe... can anyone help me. This software was very useful... it allowed the user to vreate multiple desktops... if a desktop is full of open windows, it ltes you go to a small grid on the edge of your screen and you just click onto an empty square in the gid an instantly you are switched to a new blank desktop. I mean it has your drives and and your dock and all that but the "monitor real estate" is expanded in a huge way. I use 6 or 8 extras screens in my set up but the soft ware allows you to have up to 100 extra sektops. It has a pref screen and you decide the size of the grids icon and how many rows or columns you want. 3 rows and 2 columns gives you 6 screens yo work with. The computers speed is not at all affected by the number of extra windows you set aside... ANYWAY.... HELP sincerely, dlarrym1

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    Hacking an old and no longer supported software is just asking for trouble not to mention against the law.

    Why not get a new and still supported app that does the same thing.

    try this one instead of trying to hack your old one. It has a try it before you buy it thing too so you see what your getting before risking your $$

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