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Thread: Having Leopard (or any OS) on the second partition

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    Default Having Leopard (or any OS) on the second partition

    I have a dual 2.3 G5 (8 GB RAM) with 2 new internal TB Seagate drives. One for Tiger (for the apps that work better in Tiger) and the other drive with Leopard (for the Leopard-only stuff). I am using somewhat of the strategy I read about here, so I keep my docs on the opposite drive that I'm using at the time.

    My 2nd drive (Leopard) has 3 partitions: 1) Audio recording (the audio app is being run from the Tiger drive) that I thought should be on the fastest partition; 2) Leopard OS; and 3) Scratch disk/downloads.

    My question: although Leopard seems to be running perfectly, and fast, on the second partition, I do know secondary partitions are slower than the first, but I don't know by how much. Negligible difference? I wondered if I started using the Leopard OS for more task-intensive needs, would I be better having it on the 1st partition? I can change this now, but it means I'd have to move the audio recording to an external eSata drive (unless it would be OK on the 2nd partition?), so I wondered if Leopard is OK the on the 2nd partition, or if there is a major reason to put it on the 1st partition. Foresee any issues?


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    unless you're laying down some serious multi-track audio or majorly big Photoshop files, you will likely never notice the difference in speed between one partition and the other

    As for the OS itself it should run fine anywhere you put it. Unix based OS's tend to use many small/quick file transfers rather than any sustained reads/writes so there is likely no performance difference at all in the OS itself

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