Hello all,

I am having some major speed issues with my recently purchased Burly 6-bay drive plugged into a Sonnet E4P (all drives are Seagate 1GB 7200.11s). I was previously running it on an older Mac Pro 2.4GHz Duo with 4GB Ram. On that older Mac, it played back 1080p 10-bit video beautifully but unfortunately the Mac was becoming incredibly unstable so I decided to move my drive/card to another quicker Mac I have access to so I can finish my project:

Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad
12 Gigs Ram

First thing on this Mac: I noticed was that my video was dropping frames like crazy after only a few seconds of playback. I ran the AJA system test and discovered I am getting at most 50-60 MB/s for both read and write. I expected something closer to 300-400 here obviously. I made sure the RAID is stripped and tried zeroing the drives on the new system to no luck. Tried resetting the PRAM too. I am running the newest driver from Sonnet's website.

The only major difference I can notice between these two systems, besides age, is that the one with the speed issues has an Apple Raid Card and that my older system was running 10.5.0.

Anyone out there have any idea what is going on? Any other suggestions of things to test?