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Thread: quicker to rebuild raid using backup drive?

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    Default quicker to rebuild raid using backup drive?


    question about this setup:

    2 drives in a Raid 1 + 1 backup drive (Raid 1 backed up every hour to backup).

    Can anyone tell me... if 1 of the drives in the Raid 1 failed, would the raid rebuild quicker if the backup drive was used as the replacement with a copy of the data (within an hour old) already on it?

    Or is it just as quick to use a blank drive?


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    Most RAID 1 will run through the entire drive and check parity during a rebuild, so it doesn't seem to matter if it has most of the data, or is blank - in my experience. If this is a hot swappable set-up, plug in the drive of your choice and it will typically rebuild on the fly, in the background, with no down the rebuild time doesn't really matter.

    If this is a software mirror, SoftRAID is worth the money to monitor this entire process. Much more feedback and info than Apple gives via DU.
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