I made a thread here a month or so ago. I had a problem with my iBook G4 not getting any power. I ordered a new power cord. It arrived yesterday so I was excited to plug everything up. I hit the power up button. Nothing happens, so I was bummed out. I went out for a few hours and came back to see if there would possibly be any changes. None. Well I got frustrated and started trying everything I could. I grabbed the power cord where it meets the computer and began hitting power moving the piece around and it began powering up! So I move the computer and it turns off. It turns out that there is a connection problem with the power cord. If I push the piece in a certain direction, the computer will start up and work fine. The moment I let go, it loses power immediately This is going to be difficult to address because I am stationed in Kuwait, and I have never taken a computer apart before, but I need to fix it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?