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    Quick question: On an old machine I've used ever since the old OS9 days, I'm noticing that I've got lots of invisible files spread all through out the hard drive. At the root level, on my desktop, and in lots of directories. Most of them have creation and modification dates that are years old. And many of them have cryptic names that make no sense to me. What the heck are these, and would it be safe to trash them? I'm not talking about the typical OSX files, but ones with long names like .vykldFEhjhrLfnwewo and such. I'm just worried that they may be disk-based authorization files for some software I've got. Any advice?

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    Hard to say without seeing them and the structure.......but it depends on where you want to go from here. Want to just clean up the OS?

    A couple things to consider:

    Clone the drive so you have a full bootable backup before you start trashing stuff. Just in case.

    As for cleaning out the OS, you can always consider an Archive and Install, which will give you a new OS, but save users, Apps, settings, etc.

    If these files exist within the Users directories, you can pretty safely trash what you don't want, with the exception of a few things within the user/Library. Full clone for backup lets you trash some with less worry.
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