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Thread: Burley problem!

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    Default Burley problem!

    Hi guys!

    I work at a film-music studio and we run all our video, sample-libraries and loops through SATA using the Burly 4 Bay PM Enclosure.

    It has been working great until last week. All the suddenly one of the drives crashed and I could only mount 2 out of the 4 drives.
    After talking with Macguru support, I was recommended to upgrade the software for the PCI card which helped.
    My only issue right now is that if I have all 4 drives mounted, one of them start beeping. There's is no beeping with only 3 drives!

    I can't seem to find the manual, but it shouldn't be an overheating problem
    since I have all the drives on around 28C.


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    First thing to try is a reset of the trays. Or at least try and reset the tray that is beeping. If you can figure out which one, try holding all three buttons down at once while you power up the Burly. This resets the LCD readout and audible alarm.

    If you cannot figure out which one, try resetting them all. Easiest if you disconnect the data wire while you do that so you can power up and down without having to dismount drives.

    If that gets it, great. If not, then insert drives one at a time till you figure out the problem one. Then take all the other drives out again and move the problem tray to another bay. See if it works properly in a different bay. Then move a working drive to the problem bay and see if the problem reappears in that particular bay. This way we figure out if the problem is a bay or a tray.

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