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Thread: sychronize pro x hangs

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    Red face sychronize pro x hangs

    hi, we've got 5-5bay burly upright enclosures filled with 750gb drives, and one rack enclosure filled with 8-1.5tb drives on an 8core mac pro with 10gb of ram running osx 10.56 and 2 of the lycom esata cards. the rack seems to have trouble backing up using synch prox 6.07 (and previous versions). the original backup works ok but subsequent backups hang in seemingly random places. prior to the rack purchase, we were using just the upright enclosures and never had this problem. any ideas would be appreciated. cheers.

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    Got a couple questions for you.

    Why 2 host cards? A 4 port SATA host card has more than enough performance capability for a 5 bay and an 8 bay. Might be that one of the host cards is in a PCIe slot with not enough lane count to run it properly?

    If that MacPro, under Model Identifier in Apple System Profiler shows as MacPro2,1 you should have SATA host cards in either of the top two slots with lane configuration set to 4 lanes using Expansion Slot Utility. (found in System/Library/CoreServices)

    If that MacPro is model identifier MacPro3,1 then you should also have any SATA cards in the top 2 slots but they are auto configured by the system.

    Next thing is maybe need to update the firmware on the more recent drives, particularly the 1.5 TB Seagate drives. Seagate came out with a firmware updater for them in december. All drives shipped from MacGurus after that time we updated before shipping, but before that time they all shipped with the firmware available at the time. The old firmware has proven an issue with both drives timing out around 30 seconds and drives becoming non responsive - spontaneously. Not fun.

    Here's the link where you can check your drives to see if they need the firmware updated:

    And then here's the page where you can download the updaters:

    When you download an updater the best way to run it on the drives is the following:

    It auto mounts a Disk Image called Drive Detect. That will only run on windows, so toss that.

    Also in the download is an ISO file that you need to burn as a Disk Image to a CD. DO that, toss a fresh CD in the burner, select Burn and choose the ISO file from Seagate as the image.

    Shutdown, leave the CD in but pull all your MacPro drives out. Install the Seagate drives inside the MacPro, however many at a time you desire to update.

    Boot to the CD and run the updater.

    Shutdown, repeat as necessary.

    Return everything back to where it started.

    I caution: never run the updater when drives are attached that do not need to be updated or drives that the updater is not intended to be used on. Only drives listed for that updater should be connected.

    While it can be done, I do not recommend doing this in the Burly. Only one drive attached to the lone pass-through port on each port multiplier board can be seen by the simple updater operating system. The code to run the PM boards is not present on the meagre drivers on the CD. FAR easier to just install the drives in the MacPro.

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