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Thread: Keeping your G4 alive.

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    Default Keeping your G4 alive.

    So far I have seen the best G4 hacks around. I think G4 has more use now playing movies, itunes, gps, car diagnostic, internet, iChat, mobile TV, capturing live video through iSight or DV through firewire, touch screen, sync your mobile device and more in a car. The most important advantage here is having dual to triple screen showing different movies all the same time. I have a setup in my SUV which works flawless, my kids love it. - Gerry

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    These ol' G4's really do hang in there. Now I have yet to spend much time on an intel Mac. I did setup one up a 1.8 GHz White iMac for a friend. It led me to order a new monitor ASAP. Never realized how fuzzy mine was.

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