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    This is my first post to this site and figured where else better to come for advice than to a mac geek forum.

    I haven't had to use Time Machine up until now, but last week, where I work, one of the employees endured a layoff and he had a pirated copy of Maya on his G4 mac mini running 10.5.5. He wanted to remove it using Maya’s ‘uninstall’ before he left. Much to his (and our chagrin,) the Maya uninstall started deleting all the applications and even the system preferences.

    The computer is somewhat crippled now... Mail and all it's contents missing, even the system prefs are gone... I can't open control panels to change any settings.

    BUT he did have Time Machine running and I am wondering if I can jump all the way back to TM’s first backup to restore the computer to the way it was prior to the malicious uninstall? From what I’ve read, TM only backs up the apps and OS settings on the first backup? My idea is to copy the 40GB of work related files to an external and then “reset” the computer to it's original state using TM and then copy the work files back over afterwards. Does that sound feasible? Thanks in advance.

    (I send this message from home on a Graphite iMac G3 600Mhz while my wife uses the "fast" machine... 1.2Ghz upgraded Sawtooth with a flashed 9200 Radeon. Gotta' love the rugged longetivity of Macs)

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    That would depend on the size of your TM drive. If your drive was big enough then yes that should work however if your TM drive was full TM will delete the oldest backup in favor of the newest. though even with a relatively small TM drive you can still go back pretty far

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