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Thread: cleaning office...time to sell off some goodies :)

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    SATA is one Channel = one drive* Each channel can handle either 1.5gbps or 3.0gbps 1.5gbps is still faster than any drive on the market that you could connect it to so don't waste your $ going for the 3.0 card. On the other hand if you find a good 3.0 card at a good price there is no reason not to get it.

    When a card says 4TB max that just means it's 4 channel and the biggest drives at the time were 1 TB and you could connect 4 of them since bigger drives are now available I believe that card could now say 6TB (1.5TB drive x 4) That is an available storage number not a speed number

    *there are ways around this one channel = one drive thing but they are expensive and not suited to what you want to do

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    You guys are being so helpful. Dumb me missed out on the deal because someone else jumped on it before I could. I have tons of other questions about my plan and the steps I need to take. So, keeping with forum etiquette should I post in a more appropriate place seeing as how we are way beyond the scope of the original post. Please let me know what to do as I don't want to offend anyone. I'll then give you guys an update on where I am in the process and what questions I have. I'm so glad I joined up. Maybe someday in the long distant future I will be worthy of the title "guru" and I can help out others as you all are helping me. Thanks.

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