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Thread: Power supply for G4 MMD 1.25 Dual

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    Default Power supply for G4 MMD 1.25 Dual

    The power switch on my G4 has stopped working when I try to turn the computer on in mornings. I have to unplug the machine and plug it back in to get the computer to startup. After it starts up then it will run for rest of the day.

    On the Apple discussion section at the Apple Support, several people have had the same problem. The solution was to replace the power supply. Can any one recommend a place to get a replacement power supply?

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    My G4 MDD power switch went bad and it was the switch mechanism itself. It is not located in the power supply. I bought the smallest 'momentary switch' radio shack had and with some smallish wire and a soldering gun I had it working again in about an hour

    Since yours is also starting up and running I doubt very much if your PSU is bad. The switch is located inside a small silver box inside the case directly behind the outside push button

    This is a picture of my fan hack to quiet the PSU on the MDD in it you can see the huge fan I added but you can also see the silver box on the left side it sets just above the optical drives (removed in this pic) and has a small ribbon cable plugged into it (also removed)

    Here is another

    And another that shows the computer all back together

    These are big pics so I linked them instead of posting them

    The Power supplies did show up on ebay from time to time if you decide you do in fact need one

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