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Thread: eMac 1g - Strange distorted chimes at startup

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    Default eMac 1g - Strange distorted chimes at startup

    Hi all
    I had a problem with this eMac 1gig, wouldn't recognise 2 x 256M ram chips. I replaced with two new sticks which made the machine run OK but profiler still says 256MB with one bay empty. Also, now on start up, the machine gives out an awful series of distorted "chimes"???

    Any clues?

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    Let's see if Rick has any insight about possible connections to the RAM change. I would consider putting in a support call to the RAM supplier to let them know what happened. Are you sure it is good RAM from a good source? Right Spec for that machine?

    You might also taking out one stick at a time to see if either stick is causing the issue......or if either RAM slot is the culprit. Reseating to be sure they are in firmly is always good to do too.

    Sometimes RAM slots seem to go bad. May be a deeper problem, like the PCI bus, the memory controller or something else on the logic board. It happens.

    At work we have a G4 PowerBook with one bad RAM slot. Leave the slot open, and Book is fine; any stick in the lower slot, and it won't boot.....won't even pass the default RAM test and beeps at me.

    Heat, static, flex, power surge, age.....I can't say why.

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