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Thread: personal LAN speed issues.

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    Default personal LAN speed issues.

    my local network is SLUGGISH! ill try to explain as much as i can so you all have an idea of where to start troubleshooting.

    macbook pro
    mac pro
    airport (n/gigabit)

    up until recently i havent been doing allot of network transfers, but im restoring my one machine and ive realized now the speeds im getting can not be right.

    a 500MB transfer of mp3 files is taking 20 minutes. initially it started off saying 10minutes, and now has slowly risen to 20 minutes, and as im typing gradually rising. before i rebooted my machines/airport, the finder would crash when trying to transfer. so this slow copy right now is better then i usally get. it look slike im getting .5 MB / 500kb

    i was messinga round in the netowrk settings, seeing if chaning my ethernet to 1000mbps(becuase my router and all machines are gigabit) but when i swittch to them, my ethenert goes RED, and all IP info is dropped.

    i changed the drive that im copying to, to a raid 0 inside my macpro with the least amount of data on it. hoping the drive capacity and how full it is would make a difference.

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    Is this Apples air-base? or another wireless router? Leave make and model. Age of said critter. Slow with internet downloads too or just this transfer? Have you updated firmware recently? Is there a firmware update you might install?

    Others are better with the networking issues but leave the make and model and current firmware data if possible.

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