I followed Ricks advice and set up my boot drive and other internal drive like he suggested in the link at Move Users below left. I therefore have a simlink user folder on the boot drive that links to my Actual users folder on the other drive. Also, apps are on the other drive as he suggested. Since this setup did not allow me to see the printer profiles I need to print with, I installed Light Room 2 on the boot volume to see if that fixed the problem but it did not. I contacted LR tech support, and they suggested new preferences and repair permissions. Still, no joy.

I do not show any profiles under "other" in print module setting. USed to work fine in LR 1.4, but not in 2. I have already contacted tech support and they suggested to repair permissions and if that did not work, replace pref files and reload LR2. None of these things worked, and still I see NO PRINTER PROFILES. I cannot work without these profiles in place, so I am shut down until It works. I have the profiles loaded in several places, including in the Library, color sync as well as in the user section in the library color sync.
The only profiles it does show is monitor profiles if I check that box.

I am using LEopard 10.4.5 on Mac with latest LR app. Any ideas where to go from here?