Hello all,
im posting about recent issues with my G5 DP 2GHZ.
My rig has been pretty problem free, but since I changed my system drive, and added a second drive, the fan randomly goes into a crazy high speed mode, which Ive never heard before, and then locks up, requiring a hard shut down.

heres the facts:
*my os is 10.4.9
*2.5 gb ram
*used carbon cloner to copy my original system disc to new Seagate 7200.11 1 TB drive
*installed second 1TB storage drive.
*both drives divided into 6 partitions.
*both drives formatted OS extended [Journaled]
*jumpers are in the correct position
*drive firmware is SD15, the correct, and most current
*drives are set to never go to sleep
*fan/freeze is not task specific, meaning it will lock up with no apps open
*this fan/freeze is sporadic, and has happened three times in the last 4 days.
*the studio the compute has been in is quite cool.

ive attached the system log.
I know nothing about these logs, so my apologies if Ive included too much, or not enough data.

The most recent crash, was at july 14, at 4:10 pm.

thanks for the help.
all the best,