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Thread: Computer Kept Freezing/Repair Options

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    Default Computer Kept Freezing/Repair Options

    I have a relatively old G4. I took it to a mac repair facility here in NYC. It is too expensive for me to justify them fixing it. Do you think it is possible for me to make these repairs myself? I am a virtual neophyte, but the only alternative is exploring the possibility of doing it myself.
    They want to charge me almost $500 to replace: "Board, Logic, & Multiprocessor Module, 1 GHz, Dual Processor".
    I have already been charged $220 to replace "Power Supply, 340 W, Non-PFC."

    Below is a transcription from the SRO I got from the repair facility:
    Problem Description from me: It kept freezing after only a few minutes, then a message would come on screen telling me I needed to restart my computer. I thought I would reinstall the OS via CD, but it froze inn the middle of that and now it just makes a high-pitched series of beeps when I try to restart it and then acts like it wants to restart showing my old screen (with all of the same icons), but it then switches to just a blue screen. It then freezes at some point.
    Further comments from repair: Customer also brought bootable drive (made in SuperDuper). Internal drives are setup as RAID 09.
    Work done by repair so far: Replaced power supply. Computers turns on, chimes loads OSX and gets kernel panic. Booted off external boot drive. Powermac booted to desktop. While running disk utility powermac froze. Ran hardware test. Failed CPU and logic board. Replaced logic board. Replace processor.
    Notes from repair: Power mac turns on but it shuts down right away. Reset PMU. Powermac turns on, chimes but turns off. Checked for trikle. Pin 9 does not read 5V as it should. Replace power supply to continue triage.

    I look forward to your comments.
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    Howdy and welcome to MacGurus.

    OK, so you have a MDD G4. Let's cut to the chase here.

    After the repair, what would the G4 be worth? $200-400 perhaps? And steadily dropping as Apple—and software—moves away from PPC Macs. Often repairing these older Macs does not make sense when you do the Math.

    If you want to keep this box going, one thing to consider is that a buying another similar used Mac is usually cheaper than buying the parts. The down side is a used, 8 year old computer is always a risk.

    You could consider selling your G4 as is (there is a market for new G4 MDD power supplies) to recoup the recent repair cost. If you are on a tight budget, the Mac mini is a very good deal in your situation: you already have a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

    It will run circles around your G4. Several times faster. It has 4 USB 2 ports, you get 10.5, iLife '08 and a remote control, and the higher end model has a dual layer DVD burner. You can also run a virtual PC wonderfully. The only thing lacking for general use is that they ship with 1GB of RAM, which is enough for general use, but 2GB is great. They are a little trick to open and swap RAM until you have done it a couple times. Outside of that, very little to complain about, unless you are a power user that needs more than 2 GB of RAM or multiple, very fast internal drives, or high performace 3D video..

    You can also reuse your internal HD(s) in an external FireWire case.

    "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining." -- Jef Raskin

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    Default Thanks for the advise

    Thank for the advise unclemac. I am going to take your advice. Can you answer one more question for me: Can I use the bootable harddrive from my old computer so that I can recover my software, tons of presets, etc.?
    Also, I am a very serious amateur photographer who uses a digital asset management program and photoshop extensively, so I need quite a bit of RAM. I thought my old mac did a pretty good job, but you are saying even the mac mini is more powerful than what I have been using? Wow.
    Thanks again. Your advice was a big help.

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