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Thread: upgrade airport card in macbook pro

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    Default upgrade airport card in macbook pro

    i have a macbook pro that was made before they put the 802.11n chip in it. is there any way to upgrade the airport card to utilize 802.11n?

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    This ancient post reminded me that a friend of mine told me last weekend that the answer to this is YES....At least for my MacBook. MacBooks with a wireless g card are firmware upgradable to wireless n for a small fee.

    I'll report back when I refind the URL he showed me. It's annoying to have been too busy fixing his G4 to get him to email me the URL. Searching "upgrade wirelss g to n" gives me way too many results.
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    And if that doesn't get you there, there is always the third party USB dongle, now some shipping with N chipsets.

    Be warned though, all of them (that I am aware of) require a third party driver and software, which is neither as easy, simple, or reliable as what Apple gives you. I have an older G USB dongle for an old G4 tower that can only use an original B Airport card, and while it works and range and performance is good, it needs to be unplugged/replugged every time I reboot.
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