Hello guys, here it is.
Got an Tiger on my 9600 (XLR8 G4/450) with not much problem, however it will start every time, and run perfect only in safe boot. In "normal," it will freeze in various points of progress bar. Lately, I am managing to log in, and got even into system preferences to check sound (basically only thing I am missing) but cannot stand if the thing doesn't run as it suppose to.
Another problem is: 2 drives, original 4GB and IBM 18GB Ultrastar on bus 0 both mount. My 36GB LW Cheetah alone on bus 2, properly terminated never mounts, neither is seen by Disk Utility or TechTool.
Runing, trying to, OS X from 18 GB Ultrastar, that is on that drive alone. Also installed on partitioned 4 GB with 9.2.2.
Starts driving me definetely crazy. Appreciate any input, thanks aforehand.
P.S. Did already startup, fonts thing to no avail, reset PRAM, but no CUDA.