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Thread: Sorta New to Mac

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    Default Sorta New to Mac

    I've been using macs professionally for years but dont own one...yet. Really I prefer pc, mostly because I prefer Photoshop on a pc...yeah, call me crazy. Anyway, some questions...because Im getting ready to get an iMac on which I will run XP....

    How much difference will i really see betwn the 2.0 and 2.8 in the new imacs? I'll put in 4gb ram.

    Anyone with experience, good and bad, running windows natively?


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    Howdy and welcome aboard.

    Yer crazy.

    Not quite sure what to tell you.......the hardware is essentially the same these days, so if you were buying a Dell or an HP, what would you expect the difference of 2.0 vs. 2.8? Same thing, use the same gauge.

    First things first: rumor has it that new iMacs may be only weeks away, so unless you are in a real hurry, you might consider holding off for a few weeks to see what shakes out. Buying an iMac is like buying a laptop; essentially un-upgradeable, so important to get the right machine (usually the fastest you can justify) to get the maximum life out of it. Should new ones pop with a better monitor, better video card, or just a better/smaller/cooller CPU setup, probably worth waiting for. If you don't like the new ones, you will likely have a short window to buy the now current model at a close out discount to clear stock.

    As for running XP, native (via bootcamp) is great overall. No penalties that I am aware of, though I can't verify that all 4 GB of RAM is addressed in XP. I would assume so, but can't testify to that fact. Have you seen the reviews? XP runs great on current Macs. A dozen folks running XP on intel Macs at work, no issues. Not using CS suite via XP though, so can't confirm that for you. Mostly boring admin type stuff.
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    Ugh...theres always something just around the corner...thanks for the heads up!!!...i think I'll hold off a bit and see what comes along... though Ive been looking at refurb machines.

    Thanks again!

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