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Thread: Insane ClamShell G3 Mod???

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    Default Insane ClamShell G3 Mod???

    ok, well I have a relly nice 12' Alluminum G4 that I totally love, unforunately the alluminum case has taken a beating over the years, I got a son who loves to drop it, it's a tough sucker been kicked punched dropped half a dozen times, so I was thinking that I would like to buy an old broken down G3 Clamshell on ebay and case-mod the guts of my Powerbook into the Clamshell umm.. shell... What do you think? I love the clamshells i think they are awsome I always wanted one when they came out but I never had the cash. Now that i have some money to burn their way obsolete and nowhere near even completely maxed out what I would need for it to function properly.

    I don't want to keep any of the guts of the clamshell i just want the case... What do you you think? Is it possible? Can It be done? What do you guys think I will need to do it? Dremel ect?

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    Default I guess everything can be modified

    First.... Where or how do you plan to use your monitor. So your turning a small compact laptop into an at home desktop?

    Equipment: Dremel and various cutting tools along with a very large hammer.

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    Really tough to say.

    You would need to know dimensions, and do alot of measuring. I would guess the guts would fit, just because the clamshells are older. and likely thicker.

    Things to consider:

    Ports. How to mod the case so you can get at them? The clamshell is extra hard, as the sides are not straight.

    Display. The screen on the clamshell is inferior, and likely different. besides modding the bottom half, you would likely have to mod the top half to shoe horn your screen and cabling int too.

    Cooling. The guts will likely be laid out differently, and laptops generally have some engineering done to let air in in one area, push it in a certain way to extract heat, and then expel it. If you get it wrong, you could trap heat, and have stability problems, or even do serious damage.

    Battery. The clamshell battery might work, but if not, you would have rework the battery slot to fit the right battery in. Ouch.

    Those are the first things that come to mind. Will likely be a serious project, but it may be doable. You can get a quick peek inside both at the great take-apart guides over at
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    If you manage to put the guts of a PowerBook below, you should be able to manage a new LCD above. The electrical connectors did not appear to be the same, but the Clamshell 800x600 LCD is the same physical size as the PowerBook G4 12".

    My goal has been to rewire a 1024x768 LCD into my son's Clamshell 466.
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