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Thread: Update to Leopard Server from Panther- easy path?

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    Default Update to Leopard Server from Panther- easy path?

    My client- about 12 users plus some FTP users- is currently running Panther server on a dual G5 1.8GHz. We need to upgrade the server to at least Tiger so it can run Filemaker 9 server. (Mail is handled by Comminigate Pro on a separate machine.) However, Tiger server is hard to come by, especially the UB version that will run on the new MacPro he'll probably buy for the purpose.

    The question is- is Leopard server ready for prime time? Is there any reason to avoid it and keep trying to find the UB Tiger version?

    Also, is the upgrade path from Panther Server to either Tiger or Panther server easy? (I guess I'm looking for something like Migration Assistant for Servers?)

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    Did you find an answer?

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    Been running 10.5.2 Server on a dual 2.3Ghz G5 xserve for about a month, and mostly it has been good/very good. Not perfect, but some of the bugs are likely squashed in the just released 10.5.3 Server....and some are very specific to certain setups and services, so it really depends on what services will be run.

    All in all, I would see if you can wait about a week to see what shakes out with the 10.5.3 Server early adopters. If reports are generally positive, I would push forward with 10.5. In the mean time, you can consider what services they need to run, and hunt up bugs and gripes that are specific to those so you know what to expect. If you can dodge known issues, 10.5 S is as big an improvement as moving from 10.3 S to 10.4 S.

    I did a clean install and built it from scratch, which was very easy as it was a new setup, so no user or config info to migrate.
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