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Thread: where did my memory go?????

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    Default where did my memory go?????

    I revived my G4 and was able to copy my back-up HD to it. So, back to 10.3.9
    great! My system has 111.65 GB memory, but after I copied B.U. HD I now only have 7.11 GB available. I've looked everywhere I can think of to find a 80GB file with no luck.

    Any ideas????

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    Default Just to clarify

    Memory is or means RAM your system memory usually 512MB to upwards of 2GB in the G4's. Not available hard drive space which you are referring to. Hard drives will be 100's of GB's in size.

    Did you erase the drive first?
    How big was the drive to start?
    You'll lose some space in formatting a drive.

    Keep posting

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    Exactly what, and how did you copy?

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