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Thread: G5 2ghz VRS iMac intel 2ghz

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    Talking G5 2ghz VRS iMac intel 2ghz

    looking at "upgrading" my entire computing experience,
    I see G5 towers for less than $1000 and intel iMacs at $1200 or so,

    is it worth just going on to the the newest machine that I can afford?
    is the G5 a good 2-4 year investment?

    I prefer the tower configuration, but the Pro is just too far away from my budget.
    I know really nothing at all about the G5, quirks - limits- etc.

    anyone extensively using both? could briefly describe the pros and cons?

    please and thank you
    G5 2x1.8 8gig, osx5.8 / G4 sawtooth, 1.6ghz, 2 gig

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    I haven't used any G5s, but I remember asking this question a couple of years ago, I ended up upgrading a G4. It was fun, mostly, and I ended up with a great unit that is pretty darn fast. Then again, the cost factor plays in, it most likely cost me more than a new computer, but I learned a great deal.

    However the available Macs at the time were not impressing me all that much. They were the early iMac G5s and I am glad I didn't get one. What I've found is, that the current iMac is really nice, right out of the box and fast too. But don't get the cheap one, get the one with the faster graphics card. That really makes a difference. If I could upgrade my graphics card I ........

    Finally the software is something to consider. If you have a large amount of software that is PPC then it might run real slow on an intel machine. But if you are looking down the road (and we should) at software you will want or need, the intel would be a better bet as it would be native to the intel Mac OS.

    Someone else will surely have more experience with the G5s and give you more feedback.

    Good Luck

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    Intel all the way, that G5 won't be worth a darn thing in a couple of years.

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    On the other hand G5 towers run about half what a new entry level imac costs. If in 2 years it's worth nothing so what you got a great tower for less than the cost of a mini that will probably last many years to come. It will be supported all through 10.5 and likely 10.6 as well.

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    I concur with Damien & yeunfang about the upgrade experience. Think of any of the Tower configurations as a B-52 has a lot of potential for expansion and modifying...dropping in cards and bare drives for RAID, etc., at a relatively small price. I guess it depends on what you do, or intend to do, and the investment you may possibly have in expensive non-Intel software and subsequent upgrade paths to Intel versions.

    I used a PowerTower Pro with a G4/800MHZ Sonnet upgrade card that ran OS9 software such as Photoshop comparably, (at least, less buggy) with the initial native OSX versions. Although I had, and have other machines, it was very useful for a long time and enabled me to work while I saved for a new computer.....and was fun to work with/on.

    Software may be the biggest issue for you, maybe? Or, possibly a worthwhile monitor to complement a G5? I currently use a PPC iMac G5 2.2GHz, and the screen is a big benefit to me although I have a 19" RasterOps CRT that is excellent with the appropriate graphics card... It's hooked up to the PTPro BTW.

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