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Thread: HELP!! I killed my son's G3 Tower System

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    Default HELP!! I killed my son's G3 Tower System

    My son's G3 was running poorly, so old dad took it for an overhaul. I got everything running well and then foolishly decided to test several old CPUs I had sitting on the shelf. We are cleaning out all of our old computer hardware, that has been cluttering up the basement. I thought one was a 900MHz, so it would be worth selling on EBay.

    All of these CPUs worked when put on the shelf and all had been in static bags. After the first one tested fine, I installed the second. No start-up chime. System boots (at least disk activity sounds like a start-up), but no video.

    I've done all the typical resets (PRAM, PDU, programmer's switch). One thing I noticed is the CPU heatsink does not get warm. Normally, they are hot to the touch.

    I have worked on Macs for as long as they have made them. This is the first time I have not been able to fix a problem.

    HELP (please)...
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    Is this a B&W or Beige? Both have their issues, but Beige seem to be more temperamental. Do you know the difference in the OF NVRAM reset commands between the two?

    Any chance of dirt in the ZIF socket? Would take much to cause a problem. If the G3, and/or the chips have been in a damp environment corrosion could have set in as well. Again it wouldn't take much.

    I always like to clean the chips/sinks, and apply fresh thermal compound too when swapping ZIFs to make sure they have good contact.

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    Video card?

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