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Thread: G4 PB 12" Very Noisy Fan

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    Default G4 PB 12" Very Noisy Fan

    Helping a friend out. He has a G4/887 MHz 12" PowerBook. He is an artist and has a studio/shop. This computer stays in his display window running a keynote slideshow. The computer has been there doing this for the past 6 months. Recently he moved the computer just to add some files. Now the fan seems to be going in super mode (very noisy). He didn't do anything out of the ordinary (he didn't install anything, do any upgrades, it didn't fall or get knocked, etc.). It is running 10.4.10. The fan doesn't immediately go on, but it doesn't take so long until it starts up.

    What I did:
    I did a thorough checkup with TTP and DW. Everything check out OK. I zapped the PRAM. I started up with an external drive (even unmounting the internal drive). Nothing helped. What do I try next? If need be, I can take the computer apart (even these models which is no picnic). I prefer not to, but I can. I even have a similar model with a dead logic board. So if is just a matter of replacing the fan, I can do that. My guess, though, is that it probably not the fan per se,that is probably just a symptom. What do I test next? Where do I go from here?


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    Try resetting nvram?
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