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Thread: Synch 2 macs

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    Default Synch 2 macs

    Can anyone help?
    I have two macs, one is an imac G5 pre-intel running 10.4
    Just purchased a macbook 13 inc running 10.5.
    All i want to do is to migrate/Synch my address book, i web and other applications so that i can work from both if required and synch the two together.
    is this possible?
    I tried to use migration assistant in utilities and all it has done is to copy my entire user account from the old MAC, which has used up loads of space and is not what i require.
    Also can i roll this back if required? Or do i need to do a clean install?
    Sorry about all the questions!
    Oh, one more thing i resent being made to pay for a .mac account when i do not wish to have one, so please dont mention it.
    Many Thanks.

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    You can always erase what you don't want. The only way I have ever synced individual folders is by selecting them and using a sync application, in our case SyncronizeProX, to copy one to the other, folder by folder. If you are the only user on each computer then you don't even need to deal with permissions and UID numbers.

    I don't get your .Mac reference. Why bring it up if you don't want it mentioned? It never would have occured to anyone to mention .Mac had you not.

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    You are not required to use.Mac.....are you refering to their backup/syn feature? Well, yes, you need to subscribe to use the feature. Don't think there is a gun to your head.

    So when you say sync, you have to determine exactly what you need to copy, and what you don't. Yes, the Migration tool does move entire accounts, as well as settings and applications. Yes, it designed to move from one Mac to another painlessly, not synchronize two Macs.

    I would suspect there are ways to share the things you want, but I can't say for sure as I have not done it myself. No need.

    Each application that you want to sync or share will likely be a bit different. iCal for example allows you to publish calendars for use from another Mac. If you want to move the data over, you can certainly export/import the data, but that's a long way from a live sync.
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    Default Sync 2 macs

    many thanks for the prompt replies!!
    Only mentioned .mac as i have been researching the subject on line and every response i have seen mentions .mac.
    Sorry if it goy anyones back up.
    I have rolled the migration back and started again.
    A live sync at this time is not 100% important so i will have to import export.
    And i will look into SyncriniseProx etc.
    You have answered my query so many thanks.
    Merry Christmas to you all.......

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