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Thread: Leopard 10.5.1 and Web Browsers

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    Smile Leopard 10.5.1 and Web Browsers

    Hi there has nayone else downloaded 10.5.1 and suddenly web pages in ALL browsers dont show the complete HTML..WHY? Very odd any ideas?

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    I haven't seen any problems that are directly attributable to Leopard. We use all the browsers here in checking our webpages, goes with the territory. All of them kind of equally suck. But most of them are working for the most part.

    I still favor Omniweb for most stuff, but it has annoying delays and spinning wheels for something as simple as opening a new window.

    Safari has been hit or miss on what it can do and cannot do, always has been.

    Firefox is always Firefox. Almost great. Sometimes terrible.

    Explorer is unsupported garbage.

    There are others, that is my list.
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    Rick, have you tried Camino?

    I keep wanting to like Firefox and it keeps not happening...

    I like Safari and I like Camino equally well but though it is good Camino offers nothing compelling over Safari to make me switch.

    I will have to check Omniweb again... been a LONG time since I looked at it.

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    I work with Safari mostly.

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    No help here.

    Safari, and FF working fine with both 10.5 and 10.5.1. Clean install of everything......nothing was updated from 10.4.

    A tool like Onyx or Cocktail (be sure you get a 10.5 approved version, some utilities have not been updated yet) might help with deleting browser cache, application prebinding, and other general house cleaning for browsers.
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    It always help to state what kind of connecton (cable/DSL/WiFi e.g.) and what kind of hardware (also network hardware router/modem/switch) you are using. Without those info it is hard to tell anything and it is just guessing.

    Some Suggestions:

    1. Lag on the internet connection (Ping issue or packet loss)
    Check your Ping

    2. Router or Modem isn't able to establish a stable connection
    Goto Prefs>Network and fix the connection (disable the auto feature)

    3. DNS/DHCP resolving error

    disable the routers DHCP server and ably IPs manually for all your Network gear

    4. An error at the Network/TCP-IP Framework of OSX due to the update

    Download the Combined Update (this is different from the Delta updates) and run it again

    5. Hardware issue gone bad port on the router so it is trying to reconnect all the time.
    Try another port of your router

    Opera is pretty good
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    Exclamation for reference, ALL the browsers?

    This is an interesting site, over 114 browsers with descriptions and OS compatibility.
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