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    Time for a new box and as a long time user (and builder) of PC's I'm game to go to the Mac side.

    I plan on a Mac Pro with dual 2.8's and an 8800 video card. I'm torn on the HD selection. I want the config from the factory to be fast and I have ruled out the standard 320 which reviews as a dog. I going to go for the 1 tb drive but was wondering if the 500 gig might be as fast.

    I know ordering an upgraded HD from Apple will cost but it's my comfort zone for warranty purposes. Later, I will add my own HD's and memory from known third party venders.

    Any thoughts? The 500 or go with the one tb drive?



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    FYI, Apple drives only carry a 1 year AppleCare warranty (same as any other computer manufacturer)

    Only difference between a retail Seagate drive and an Apple OEM Seagate drive is the serial number and the price.

    Retail Seagate drives carry 5 year warranty. No excuse to pay Apple for more than just one drive with their short warranty and big price! Same said for RAM! We carry same RAM as Apple, charge half what they do - and warrant it for as long as you own it. Apple RAM costs double, is identical - and is warranted for a year.

    New Seagate 7200.11 500GB is just about identical in speed to Seagate 7200.11 1 TB. I do not know which model 500 GB drive that Apple is popping in their MacPro, probably the .11.

    All Seagate 320 are older 7200.10 drive and slow. Seagate doesn't make a new model 320, smallest is 500 GB.

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    Since you are switching (welcome to the Mac world!), just as an FYI for ya: I don't know anybody that buys Apple branded drives outside of some of their server specific drives with certain firmware.......and many don't even buy those.

    Go ahead and ask away if you have other questions. If we can't answer them here, we can tell you who can.
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