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Thread: Installed new boot drive and have a question.

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    Confused Installed new boot drive and have a question.

    OK I have a Mac G4 Dual 867 MDD.
    I have just added a new 320 EIDE hard drive as my new boot drive to replace the original 80 GB Drive which I kept installed as a spare.
    I changed positions of the drives to put the 320 at the end of the cable to be the Master and used the Cable Select jumper settings.
    All is well except now my 80GB drive shows up as a 31.5 GB drive!
    What's up with that?
    What happened? What can I do to get the full 80 GB capacity back?
    G4 dual 867 768 RAM
    OS 10.4

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    IIRC Macs don't like cable-select. I have all my drives as singles, but when I have done 2 on a cable I've always done master/slave, and never had a problem.

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    Default True for older G4s...

    ....except for the later MDDs, which in my experince usually do like Cable Select. The first Macs that are usually set to CS.

    I had some similar weirdness with an MDD and an old drive, but I can't recall the fix. It was years back. My hunch at the time was the age and firmware of the drive(s) may have made them less than compatible on the same bus. You might try any/all of the following to see what you can see:

    1. CS for both drives on the same bus.
    2. M+S settings for drives on the same bus.
    3. Changing the drive positions on the cable with drives set to CS(set as CS, I am not sure it matters).
    4. Changing the drive positions on the cable with drives set to M +S.

    Just shots in the dark, lets see if anybody can address this more specifically.
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    Check that you don't have the 32 GB limiter jumper installed. In changing it it may have changed the jumpers.

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