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Thread: Sawtooth variations?

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    Default Sawtooth variations?

    Are the Sawtooths/AGP Graphic Macs that have a dual CPU compatible motherboard different than the earlier Sawtooths that couldn't take a dual? I have tried two (three if you count the one that came with the used mac) dual-compatible motherboards, but they wouldn't work. The board powers up, but no chime. I have a non-dual compatible MB with a 1.5 single G4 from OWC working fine in it right now, but I recently put 10.4, and CS3 on it, and it's much slower. Putting a ATI 9800 would help it I know, but forever I've been wanting a dual.

    Could there be some slight difference in the power switch/cable/MB pins that prevent the swap? Months ago I saw a post on the web that said Sawtooths couldn't take different motherboards

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    Might be some info here.

    AFAIK the only differences in the Sawtooth AKA AGP G4s were the CPU speeds, and the graphics cards.

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    Cool From my own mistakes,

    trying to push an old machine to upgrade past its real capability is a headach waiting for you.

    There are several models of Sawtooth, and someone gave me this to find the capability of the MoBo, go to terminal,
    ioreg-n uni-n | grep device-rev (return)
    the result will be a number like
    000000003 & if that last # is 3 the board will not support dual cpu. if it is any other # the board will support dual cpu.

    HOWEVER; I personaly have my second sawtooth, and still have problems because of:
    a combination of problems, based on this one: trying to upgrade an older machine past its capabilities.

    When checking the PSU I found the lowest acceptable readings and they fluctuated to even lower "blinks", so a replacement was sought:

    Thanks again for the info,
    I was extra blessed to find a newer model sawtooth on ebay, located local..saved on shipping and got it same day.
    This one has a 236v PSU.

    I first tested the machine, then upgraded one step at a time, retesting at each step. I found this:

    1. the upgrade Panasonic combo 2007, has driver requirements that are only avalilable in osx10.4, so attempting to boot from there with less is not happening.
    2. add "test the PSU" to the diagnostic sequence.
    3. When beginning diagnostics, stop and list all the upgrades. Specificaly anything that pulls power, then compair OS to original OS.
    4. take heed of the warnings of others that have gone before you on the same path, Do Not attempt to force an older machine to upgrade past its stable capabilities.

    I had installed 10.4.10 and the new panasonic, tried to boot from ox10.3 install and of course it crashed. But it also caused 'something" at the system level, as on reboot I got the blue screen and no loading screen.
    Deja Vu---

    With the Sawtooth, the old combo drive goes back, even though it 'goes to sleep and wont wake up' if disk is left in unactive for more than 5 minutes.
    -- wipe the drives, install osx 10.4.?
    even though the newer progams and hardware require higher os, with an older machine, "you just have to live with it."

    Hope this experience helps someone else.

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