Just a quick word to those eyeing the new ipod Classics...... I've got about 65gb in my itunes library, and waited patiently till I could get my hands on a nice shiny black one (from Costco).

I tried to synch the library several times, and got bizarre results every time. It would synch for several hours, and after 5000 songs would lock up. Computer would say that there had been an error from which it could not recover from, while ipod said the operation had completed successfully. Upon ejecting ipod, it said it contained only 58 songs (!!!!!!!)

I did everything I could...... reset, restore, updated all the software, did another restore..... tried to synch it several times...... same every time, ipod balked about 1/3 way thru every time.

Last night, I googled for something like 'ipod classic 160gb problems' or something to that effect..... it turns out, well, I'm not the only one having problems with them.

Buyer beware. Maybe the next batch will have the bugs worked out. Thanks apple!!!!! can't you ever just release a product THAT ACTUALLY WORKS the first time around?????????????????????

Boyd 9