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Thread: iBook G3 700MHz

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    Default iBook G3 700MHz

    A iBook G3 700MHz, 640megs ram, 20gig HD, CD. A Nice clean LCD, 3 USB and one Firewire port. built in modem and ethernet port and a airport card installed (128 bit) The case has a little minor scuffing on it from normal use.

    I bought this thinkng I'd have lots of use for it, however all it does is sit in my desk 95% of the time. Its a great working iBook and it needs to be where its being used instead of just sitting. It has a good battery and comes with the AC adaptor. $220.00 plus shipping $10.00 via USPS priority mail........
    I do paypal...... PM Me or e-mail


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    (1) Is this 'book still available? (2) Is this an iBook with white plastic, or transparent plastic + white paint inside? My clicking finger is poised over the Paypal Send Money button ...

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