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Thread: Keyboard on a 3400c = no go.

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    Default Keyboard on a 3400c = no go.

    I was lucky enough to have a 3400c given to me a while back which appeared to work fine. It has the max 144mb Ram and runs OS 9.1 off the original 2Gb HD. I put the machine aside until I had some time to play with it and have discovered that I can't get any input from the keyboard. I can move the cursor around the screen , open and close files etc but if I want to rename a folder or type a document , the keyboard will not respond. I lifted the keyboard up and checked the connections to the logicboard which appear fine but it still won't respond. I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem may be. Maybe buying a new keyboard is the only answer.

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    Default keyboard

    Other than trying to reseat the kb cable agains, I would consider pluggin in an external kb to make sure its not the ADB system.

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