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Thread: Installing Quicksilver processors into a DA or QS. Also MDD to MDD options.

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    Question Installing Quicksilver processors into a DA or QS. Also MDD to MDD options.

    Trying to get some accurate info to edit and slip into the FAQ's.

    Several recent events and another thread here... have me wondering about installing Quicksilver processors into the Digital Audio's DA's or just a slower QS or even looking at easy MDD swapping. I felt a noticeable difference between a 533MHz and an 867MHz.

    Also which of the MDD processor's can be swapped into a slower MDD with minimal modifications? The MDD's came with a 133MHz or 167MHz bus (fsb).

    My first question is putting a QS processor into a DA as easy as putting 12 volts onto that 4th hole on the QS processor? Like I keep reading. In any/all situations?

    I found from reading and testing first hand that the QS processors swap between QSers easily. A QS processor has 4 mounting holes and posts. The DA has only has three (3) so when installing a QS processor into a DA you need to run a 12 volt lead (from molex pug) and secure it to the 4th QS processor hole. Small nut and bolt.
    All QuickSilver's and Digital Audio's have a 133MHz bus (fsb).

    Much of this is old news. So it's not as accessible as it was few years back. So please help post accurate, first hand knowledge and any links that have information.

    The only QS processors that might we worth moving would be the...

    Dual 800MHz - no Leopard support?
    Single 867MHz
    Single 933MHz
    Dual 1GHz

    Digital Audio's - M7627, M7688, M7945, M7681
    QuickSliver - M8493
    QuickSliver (2002) - M8493 First to support drives larger than 128GB.

    Be advised by altering a processor or remodeling it YOU WILL VOID your warranty even with AppleCare
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