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Thread: I need anti-malware purchase guidance, apparently.

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    Default I need anti-malware purchase guidance, apparently.

    Greetings; I'm told by Microsoft that my Office/Word 2004 software has been infected (if so, probably thru an email attachment, I figure) and that I should purchase an anti-malware program.
    A(!) prob.: I open an existing Word doc., hit Command+n to open a new blank doc., do some text and go to close it, and a little window tells me, "The document name or path is not valid. Try one or more of the following: *Check the path to make sure it was typed correctly. *On the File menu, click Open. Search for the file using this dialog box."
    Depending on which Word doc I first open, I get various probs. when I try to Save and put away the new doc.
    Apple tech support said the chance of my being infected by malware was too far "out there" to bother considering -- and gave me Microsoft's tech support phone number. Microsoft tech support walked me through various permutations of opening a new doc. with Command+n, listened to me describe what happened when I tried to Save and Close it, and ultimately counseled me to buy an anti-malware program.
    My question: Which should I spring for? (I used to use Norton AntiVirus and ONLY Norton. I used to be able to buy typewriter ribbons too.)
    Thanks for all counsel.


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    We had someone else who runs an office that shares Office Word and Excel docs with Windows. It can and does happen that files can be infected.

    Sure it isn't a malformed document first though.

    ClamXav is not worth the effort and won't find them and if it does won't clean them.

    Intego Internet Security Suite is over-kill but if you want two of their 5 programs probably not bad. That is what I bought. I always liked their NetBarrier. You can download and run their full program as 30-day demo.

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    I have Intego VirusBarrier X4 too. Very pleased with it. and try the free trial. You will at least find out if you have any infections. k

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    Are you sure that the default path to both saving data and Templates are correct? In Word Preferences/File Locations, you should have paths for User templates:

    HD/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Templates

    And for Documents:

    HD/Users/(username)/Documents (or Desktop instead of Documents)

    You should install and register Orifice from the admin account, and set both the above for user each account. Very important for managed (non-admin) accounts. If both of the above are not set correctly, bad things happen.

    Oh, and you should have templates in the Templates folder.

    If all the above looks good, I would consider reinstalling Office first before digging into malware or AV software.
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    Default Thank you.

    Greetings and thank you all for the replies. I'm waiting for an emailed download link for the 30 day free trial of Intego VirusBarrier X4 and will run that as well as reinstalling Word (when I receive my replacement disc/s -- yet another story).

    Intego says that Virus Barrier addresses Word macro viruses, and since I've gotten macro-activity warnings when I've been able to put away a "strange" document and go to open it again, we'll see -- and I'll report back in any case.

    I'm not wealthy, but given my propensity to communicate with folks all over the world and the fact that my avocation leads me to keep doing this, plus the fact that there are entirely too many 15 year olds with too much time on their hands, I suppose I'd feel better about having serious anti-malware protection "just in case."

    Again, thank you all,


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