Greetings; I'm told by Microsoft that my Office/Word 2004 software has been infected (if so, probably thru an email attachment, I figure) and that I should purchase an anti-malware program.
A(!) prob.: I open an existing Word doc., hit Command+n to open a new blank doc., do some text and go to close it, and a little window tells me, "The document name or path is not valid. Try one or more of the following: *Check the path to make sure it was typed correctly. *On the File menu, click Open. Search for the file using this dialog box."
Depending on which Word doc I first open, I get various probs. when I try to Save and put away the new doc.
Apple tech support said the chance of my being infected by malware was too far "out there" to bother considering -- and gave me Microsoft's tech support phone number. Microsoft tech support walked me through various permutations of opening a new doc. with Command+n, listened to me describe what happened when I tried to Save and Close it, and ultimately counseled me to buy an anti-malware program.
My question: Which should I spring for? (I used to use Norton AntiVirus and ONLY Norton. I used to be able to buy typewriter ribbons too.)
Thanks for all counsel.


PowerBook G4 17", OS 10.4.10, purchased new 2/17/06