Wanted to start a little discussion. Seems to me we need to be very careful recommending server drives for use inside desktop computers. Feature sets on server drives often give us fits with supporting them. Two things cause huge support problems today: Enterprise Class Drives and OEM drives. OEM drives because their firmware is completely uncontrollable and often specific to a given server. Enterprise drives because the features in them are intended to improve server capabilities and cause no end of compatibility issues in systems not designed to use those features.

New WD RE2's look fast and may very well work perfectly, but they are after all, NEW. Far as I am concerned they are totally beta. Until the Raptor came out Western Digital never made an Enterprise drive. And look how often we saw bugs and incompatibilities. We are asking for trouble assuming RE2 Server drives won't have as many bugs or more.

I just have my doubts about recommending things that are not yet proven. Too early to tell and track records so far have been horrible with SATA and new feature compatibility.