I just put in two Raptor 74gb 8mb Cache into my 8core mac. One in slot 2 and the other in 3. I striped them in raid 0 with SR 3.6.4, HFS+, no journaling, optimized for workstation, with stripe unit siaze of 128kb. The revision number on drive 2: 31.08F31. The revision number on drive 3: 33.08F33.

I used quickbench 2.1 to test the drives. Extended test, 20-100mb.

-100mb: read:53 write: 157

Then I tested the individual drives with the same settings:

-100mb: read: 38 write: 69. Both drives where close to the same

The drive that came with the computer is getting around:

-100mb: read: 72 write:76

Any thoughts?