I received my Lycom PCI-X 4-port external card + the Burly 5-bay eSATA enclosure along with the fancy LCD displays yesterday.

I had 3 SATA HDs - 2x 500gig Seagate 7200.10s and a 300gig Maxtor ready to go and install.

Installed the Lycom in my PowerMac Dual 2.5 G5 (June 2004 model with 8 DIMM slots) running Mac OS X 10.4.10. This was a challenge as I found it hard to seat the card down properly into Slot 4. So I removed my FirmTek/SeriTek internal 4-port STAT card from slot 3 and into slot 4. The SeriTek connects to my internal Swiftdata 200 3x 320gig WD SATA HDs. Moving the SeriTek card to slot 4 worked OK. I then proceeded to install the Lycom into slot 3. It was still a challenge but eventually seated down correctly.

Installed the first 500gig Seagate into the top Burly HD canister. With the fancy LCD display's cable harness bulging into the HD cavity space I found dropping the HD into the canister an issue. I pushed the cable harness out of the way as best I could while sliding/dropping the HD into the case's cavity. Eventually and with care I was able to drop the HD safely into canister and secured it down with the supplied 4 screws. After sliding the cover plate back and now slid the HD enclosure back into the top Burly enclosure's slot and locked it in place.

Powered up the Burly enclosure and than powered up the PowerMac and waited.

Hmmmmm - no Burly HD seen. Launched Disk Utility but still no evidence of the Burly HD.

Oh - suddenly remembered I hadn't installed the Lycom driver kernel extension I had downloaded earlier. So installed this. Still no Burly HD seen. So rebooted PowerMac and there it was in Disk Utility.

I noticed that the HD icon shows up like for a orange FireWire HD but without the FW logo. This confused me at first as I was expecting the Burly HD to show up like for an internal HD icon. No matter, all was cool.

I now proceeded to install the other 500gig Seagate and the 300gig Maxtor just like for the first Burly HD. This went well except I mistakenly used the wrong screws in one case. MacGurus supplies 8 screws for each HD case but in my case I only needed the 4 that secure the HD to bottom plate on the HD enclosure case. The other 4 screws are smaller threads so using these meant the screws simply didn't hold the HD down securely. My mistake I suppose, but MacGurus should have better instructions IMO for covering this situation.

OK - so now I have the 3 HDs in the Burly in top 3 slots and all looks good. They all show up in Disk Utility and on the Desktop.

I now partitioned each one as a single Volume and fired up 3 copies of Disk Utility simultaneously so I could erase their free space with 'zero' writes. I also wanted to see how the data rates as this progressed.

I launched Activity Monitor and observed the Disk Activity and it was awsome. It showed the data writes to the 3 HDs was pegging out at around 302 MB/sec. I was truly impressed.

I left this ongoing overnight and by morning time the zero erase had completed.

My only issue at this time is the sound level of the Burly enclosure's fans. It's not too bad but wish they would idle down some when the HDs spin down. I have my system configured to spin down HDs when not being used.

BTW - the Burly enclosure is one solid piece of gear and I will have no problem placing things on top of it.

Overall I'm very happy with my Burly 5-bay eSATA enclosure and it was a snap to install and get up and running.

Thanks MacGurus for the telephone chats we had leading up to my purchase.