The new g5 arrived, love it, thanks gurus for the tips.
one of the two IDE drives from my g4 seem shot, of course the one that had lots of data that I would prefer to recover,sentimental stuff, not clients wanting to murder me or anything. I am going to make an attempt to recover it myself. I plug in the power cord and it doesnt spin, it never made any noise so I'm hoping it's not the mechanisms, hoping its something on the PCB. I am having a hard time finding an identical drive to swap the boards off of, wondering how I figure out what other drives might use he same PCB. Also in case I DO find the same model, some times there are subtle differences.
For instance I see on this drive it says:
Model: Maxtor
HDA: 06A
Unique: A3A
Code: DA620XS0

What does this all mean and what are the critical things I need to match up?
Obviously I'd like to have the EXACT same drive to swap parts off of, but what things will apply to me and what I need to do.
Save me Gurus!