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Thread: My G5 powered on all the time, now it takes two to three attempts

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    Default My G5 powered on all the time, now it takes two to three attempts

    Has this happened to you? You go to boot your G5 and your UPS beeps, leds flash, but does not boot. You make 4 to 5 attempts and finally it boots.
    I thought the defect was that it would not boot at all, and the LEDS don't flash.
    The UPS powers up my AMD shuttle ok. I'm running on AC, not battery.

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    Maybe you have too much on that circuit? A G5 can draw a lot on wake from sleep and from startup, depending on equipment installed and whatever is sharing your circuit.

    Do you have 1000VA UPS? is the battery on the UPS okay? the G5 could be 3-4 yrs old now.

    maybe the UPS is doing a self-test and needs new battery or something.

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    Default G5 power supplies known to be bad

    I'd do some web research were I you, and find out if my machine was under the G5 power supply extended repair program. has a LOT of G5 power supply problem reports. Apple is repairing some G5 power supplies beyond the one year warranty. While this is mostly G5 pci-express models, some G5 AGP models may be affected.

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    I have watched G5s laugh at UPSs that are too small, as others said. What happens if you bypass the UPS? If the machine boots and runs fine, time for a better/bigger UPS.
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