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Thread: Noisy Burly 5 bay

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    Default Noisy Burly 5 bay

    Have a 5 bay e-sata box on a PC running XP SP2. In the last couple of days it intermittlently becomes extremely noisy. After gently tapping the back of the unit near the top fan, the noise stops.

    Other than continuing tapping this, is this maybe a problem with a fan going and should be replaced?


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    Can be the problem. And yes, maybe needs replacing.

    First though, open the enclosure up and blow the fan out. Careful not to spin up the blades since you'll burn the bearings. You can also squirt a tiny bit of silicon spray lube into the fan bearings to get it back into primo working order.

    Make sure before you assume it is a given fan that you open the enclosure and use a pencil erasure to stop each fan to make sure of exactly which one is noisy. There are 7 fans inside a 5 Bay PM enclosure, might one of several located up top. Blow them all out occasionally.

    If you need a replacement, Contact US and we'll be glad to help.

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    Thanks Rick - will get the ole screwdriver out this weekend

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