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Thread: Internet on PB 1400cs

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    Default Internet on PB 1400cs

    I have a Powerbook 1400cs/166. Battery, mouse, discdrive, floppydrive included.
    I would like some help to get internet working on it.
    Also, I have a Western Digital external harddrive with USB connection and I am hoping that I can use that with it. The powerbook has no USB connection.
    If you need me to describe the connections the Powerbook has, please email me.
    What kind of wires do I need, are they still available.
    Can you please give me advice?
    Thanks in advance,

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    sorry for saying it, but:

    1. There is no new browser out there that could run on MacOS8.6
    2. Duno how much RAM is buildin but 64MB it should have (64MB is max.)
    3. I duno if there is a USB PC-expansioncard with OS 8.6 drivers.
    4. if there is a USB PC-Card your HD is not bootable cuz only FireWire is bootable in 8.6 9.x.
    5. with 800x600 resolution it ain't funny to surf the internet today.
    6. Duno if it has Ethernet to connect it to a cablemodem or DSL

    There are upgrades out there CPU etc, but not worth the cost


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    ....yeah, sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it is just hard to keep up with all of the on-going changes that happen to all of the things that it takes to successfully surf the web these days.

    To get to many sites, and see them normally as most folks see them, you need a fairly current web browser, a few different plug-ins for that web browser, and an OS that supports that browser.....which means hardware that supports all of the above.

    Someone here may say otherwise or have a few tricks, but I think you have to run at least OS 9.1 to get close to a current browser. One thing to remember is that even if you got 9 loaded, or got a newer mac that runs 9 well....OS 9 is about a year or two at most (my wild guess) from falling off of the support list for everything.

    If you do consider a new(er) Mac, and have to dive into OS 10, 10.5 will be out in a few months, so after that would be good time to consider a new Mac. With a little luck, you might get as much life out of a new machine as the 1400.
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